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Welcome to Craig's Air Conditioning, Inc.

Craig's Air Conditioning specializes in the installation of Ductless Split Air Conditioners whether it's Commercial or Residential. We also provide maintenance for your Air Conditioning system and offer maintenance contracts, to keep your unit free of health hazards and running as efficiently as possible. With a Maintenance Contract we will remind you when your unit is due for its maintenance. 

At Craig's Air Conditioning, our customers are our top priority and that is why we use only the best materials and we strive to provide our customers with excellent customer service. 

Maintenance and Service

Microorganisms like bacteria, mold, mildew, fungi and yeasts occur everywhere in our environment. The moisture that forms in your air conditioner, including the ductwork, cooling coils, drip pans and humidifiers create an ideal environment for the growth of these microorganisms. Left unchecked, they could be potentially hazardous to you and your families' health. 

Maintenance calls include changing your unit's filter, cleaning the vent traps, sanitizing the coils and monitoring of the temperature. We sanitize the coils with a non-acidic, non-toxic coil cleaner spray to rid the unit of any bacteria, mold, mildew or fungi. Performing regular maintenance will help to keep your air conditioner running as cleanly and efficiently as possible, and will help to prolong the life expectancy of the unit. Monthly to semi-quaterly maintenance is recommended.

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